Discover the UltraView light cabinet

Since August 2023, the sale of fluorescent lamps for conventional applications has been banned. For special applications, it is currently still possible, with production continuing until February 2025 and sales until 2030. TL technology is thus being phased out. That is why Verivide has developed the new Ultraview. This light box consists entirely of LED technology and is completely future-proof.

Ultraview - The light cabinet of the future!

Colour matching under UltraView all-LED technology enables manufacturers and retailers to examine exactly how the products are going to look under LED Daylight and LED point of sale lighting.
Our LED technology works to tighter tolerances and does not suffer from the fringing effect or flickering, ensuring the operator’s ability to make reliable colour decisions.

UltraView Conforms to all major standards for visual evaluation; ASTM, AATCC, BSI, DIN, CIE, SAE and ISO including ISO 3668,3664 and 13076 allowing retailers and manufacturers to assess accurately the colour and appearance of their products.