Abrasion resistance testing of Printed Materials | ASTM D5264

Use our Rycolab Sutherland Ink Rub tester to perform tests according to ASTM D5264.
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Suterland Rub Tester Following ASTM D5264

Rycolab Sutherland Ink rub tester

The Rycolab Ink Rub tester or also called Sutherland Rub tester, is ideal for abrasion resistance testing according to ASTM D5264.

It has been designed to the scuffing or rubbing resistance of the printed or coated surface of paper, paperboard, film, container board, corrugated board, and other materials.

The test consists in rubbing a sample against a defined weight (2 lb or 4 lb) at different speeds. After ending the test, the results will be visually observed.

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