ISTA Inclined Impact testing

What is ISTA

ISTA® 6-Series Member Performance Tests are protocols created by ISTA members to suit their own particular purposes and applications. This 6-AMAZON.COM test was developed by ISTA in cooperation with, and is designed as a General Simulation protocol.


Project 6-AMAZON.COM is a general simulation test for “Ships In Own Container” (SIOC) packaged-products shipped through Amazon’s distribution system to final customer destinations.

Project 6-AMAZON.COM is appropriate for six (6) different types of packaged-products designated Types A through F below. The different types are a combination of three (3) packaged-product criteria: Outbound Shipment Method, Fulfillment Center Handling Method, and Packaged-Product Weight.

ISTA 6 - inclined impact tester


An impact test is one of the most common packaging tests. In this test, packages are placed on a rail with a slope of 10° and set rolling. The impact of the packaging against the steel plate, which brings the packages to a standstill, is measured. The set distance will determine the impact speed.

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