Colorfastness to Powdered Non-Chlorine Bleach in Home Laundering

This test method is designed to evaluate the colorfastness to powdered non-chlorine bleach in home laundering of textiles which are expected to withstand frequent laundering. The fabric color changes resulting from the powdered non-chlorine bleach, detergent solution and abrasive action of five home launderings are evaluated.

First establish the level of performance with powdered non-chlorine bleach and if an effect is found, then retest with detergent alone. It may be necessary to use a water only wash to separate the effects of components like hardness, pH or chlorine content.

Since the powdered non-chlorine bleaches currently available contain ingredients other than the powdered nonchlorine bleach; such as fluorescent whitening agents, bluing, etc., it is the total effect of these chemicals on the color change that is being evaluated.