TruMotion Multi-Axis - Lading stabiliteit testsysteem

Vast improvements in the quality and quantity of environmental field data now demands improvements in test

methodologies. Regulatory bodies are starting to require testing that’s closer to reality – closer to the truth. Introducing Lansmont TruMotionTM vibration systems, delivering high fidelity, multi-degree of freedom motions. Our advanced simulation solutions bring true-to-life test results directly into your laboratory.

TruMotion strengthens the credibility of your test results while instilling greater confidence that your product and packaging solutions will maintain their quality and efficacy within the supply chain, all while complying with the latest regulatory requirements.

  • Robuust en duurzaam ontwerp, voor maximale operationele efficiëntie
  • Op tijddomein en PSD gebaseerde bewegingen en overeenkomstige getrouwheid
  • Pitch, roll en verticale input
  • Zuivere getrouwheid
  • Geavanceerde simulatie, vergelijkbaar met de werkelijkheid
  • Unieke dynamische kenmerken rechtvaardigen unieke simulatie

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