ISTA 6 Series: Member Performance Tests. Test protocols created by ISTA members to meet their particular purposes and applications. The tests may be completely original, or may be modifications or variations of ISTA Procedures or Projects or other published and accepted tests. ISTA reviews and approves these tests, but primary responsibility rests with the originating members.

Project 6-AMAZON.COM-SIOC, Ships in Own Container (SIOC) for Distribution System Shipment
Project 6-AMAZON.COM is a general simulation test for “Ships In Own Container” (SIOC) packaged-products shipped through Amazon’s distribution system to final customer destinations. This testing protocol has been developed by combining data from previous studies of transportation environments, relevant testing protocols, Amazon Fulfillment Center environment visual observations, and customer feedback. This test is for packaged-products shipped by Vendors to Fulfillment Centers and delivered to final customer destinations via Parcel or Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) outbound shipment methods. It challenges the capability of both package and product to withstand transport hazards normally encountered during handling and transportation. Vendors with items intended to utilize Ships In Own Container (SIOC) are encouraged to use this test to understand the protective performance of their packaging. 

Project 6-AMAZON.COM-Over Boxing, e-Commerce Fulfillment for Parcel Delivery Shipment
Test Project Boxing is a general simulation test for e-Commerce fulfillment. In comparison to items ready to ship in its own packaging (Test Project SIOC), this kind of e-Commerce fulfillment comprises an individual retail packaged-product weighing 70 pounds (32 kilograms) or less being placed into a master shipping container (Over Box) either by itself with the addition of dunnage(air pillows, etc.) or with multiple individual retail packaged-products with dunnage for shipment from to an end consumer through a parcel delivery system. This test challenges the packaging and/or products, whether primary package or transport package, ability to withstand the general damage-producing motions, forces, conditions, and sequences of this environment.

Project 6-SAMSCLUB, Packaged-Products for Sam’s Club® Distribution System Shipment 
ISTA® 6-SAMSCLUB was developed by ISTA in cooperation with Sam’s Club, and is designed as a General Simulation protocol. 6-SAMSCLUB is a general simulation test for packaged-products shipped through the Sam’s Club® distribution system to final destinations in the U.S. It was developed from an extensive survey, observation, and field measurement program of the actual Sam’s Club system. The program involved personal visits to various Distribution Centers, overseas suppliers and ports, and U.S. Club stores. Ocean containers, trucks, and fork lifts were instrumented for acceleration and other data. Industry experts translated this information, observation, and data into the 6-SAMSCLUB Project laboratory tests.