Discover the Ascott Kesternich Chamber

Ascott Kesternich Chamber

The Kesternich test is a cyclic corrosion test involving condensation humidity and the introduction of sulphur dioxide gas (SO2). A specific volume of SO2 gas, usually 0.2L, 1L or 2L is introduced into the test chamber, the chamber temperature is increased to a predetermined level and the relative humidity is maintained at condensation levels. After a set period, the chamber is vented and the temperature is allowed to decrease to ambient conditions.

Ascott’s Kesternich is fully automatic design and is controlled by a state of the art control system.

The Kesternich chamber is designed to meet various gas dosing test standards such as ASTM G87 or ISO3231, ISO11503 and many more.

The Kesternich chamber can also be used as a condensation humidity chamber.

Discover the Kesternich chamber