Wire bar coaters - Coating Applicators

These bars are ideal for the application of inks and coatings onto flexible materials such as paper, card, textiles, leather etc.

The coating thickness applied is controlled by the area of the groove between the coils of wire. As the material levels a smooth uniform thickness is produced. Impression beds hold the substrate material firmly in place to ensure accurate drawdown.

Eigenschap: Glans en coatings

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Made out of stainless steel, these rods apply accurately coatings of paint, varnish, ink, adhesive etc. on any substrate provided that this is perfectly flat.

Ideal for multi-layer coatings and parallel testing. Available for wet film thickness of 10, 15,25, 35, 50, 75, 100, 150 and 200 microns.

Produced in stainless steel. They obtain layers of paint, varnish, cartridge, adhesives, etc. at precise thickness on all flat surfaces. Ideal for parallel or multilayer applications.

Available from 10 to 200 microns and in two widths:

  • Short Bar: 25 cm. (total length), 18 cm (spiral length).
  • Long Bar: 35 cm. (total length), 30 cm (spiral length).

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