Rycolab Flex durability tester Gelboflex | RL-GF-A

The Rycolab flex durability tester is used to measure the resistance against repetitive strain for films, composites and coating films, etc. Flex failure is determined by measuring the pinholes formed in the sample structure. It is also called Gelboflex.

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  • PLC control and 7 inch HMI touch screen operation
  • Four test stations
  • Long and short stroke fast switching
  • Condition A,B,C,D and E can be chosen
  • Micro printer
  • Could realize test frequency random setting

The sample size (200 by 280 mm) is attached to the flex tester mandrels. The flexing action consists of a twisting motion combined with a horizontal motion (compression), thus repeatedly twisting and crushing the film. The test set up gives a twisting motion of 440º in the first 90 mm of the stroke and is followed by a straight horizontal motion of 65 mm. The speed is 45 cycles per minute.

  • Flex Frequency 45 cpm/minute
  • Flex Angle 440° (90 mm) or 400° (80 mm)
  • Horizontal Stroke 155 mm or 80 mm
  • Stations 4
  • Test conditions ABCED
  • Sample size 280 mm x 200 mm