4-Zone Gradient Hot Bar Laboratory Heat Sealer: TA4-GL/1

CeraTek TA4-GL/1 Heat Sealer is a 4-Zone gradient hot bar laboratory heat sealer.

This model features four temperature zones along the length of the upper heated jaw and four temperature zones along the length of the lower heated jaw (each of the eight zones is independently controlled via eight separate temperature controllers).

Eigenschap: Peel en kleefkracht, Lassterkte | Seal testers

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  • digital timer
  • eight dual display digital temperature controllers (Fahrenheit/centigrade switchable)
  • resettable panel mounted digital cycle counter
  • surface mounted thermocouples
  • analog pressure gauge and regulator
  • dual action cylinders
  • electronic timer activation
  • 110 volts, 50/60 Hz
  • One foot switch to activate the cycle start is included

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