The same Inline Manifold that is standard with the PowerDry System is also available for use with other blower sizes and configurations. The Inline Manifold is ideal for drying the tops of cans and other containers thoroughly, prior to date coding or other packaging operations. The Inline manifold has six nozzles focused on the top surface of the product and is available with either a polypropylene manifold or a 316 stainless steel manifold, both with Loc-Line nozzles.

The In-line system is designed for drying the tops or bottoms only of cans or jars and other products using six in-line flexible nozzles.

Inline Image


  • Available in both polyethylene and stainless steel
  • 76.2 cm long x 7.62 cm OD
  • Six in-line nozzles, positioned in sets of two
    • Loc-Line construction
    • 8.9 cm long
    • 1.3 cm ID