Water Vapor Transmission Rate Analyzer AquaSense 7101

Meeting the NEW ASTM International F3299-18 standard, the AquaSense Model 7101 water vapor transmission rate analyzer incorporates the most advanced coulometric sensor technology with high sensitivity. It is simple to operate, reduces testing costs and increases productivity. Its wide humidity and sample temperature ranges provide research grade flexibility.

Application: Boissons, Pharmaceutical and medical packaging

Caractéristique: Water Vapor Transmission Rate (WVTR)

The 7101 water vapor analyzer range utilises the sensitive and stable P2O5 sensor for absolute moisture measurement. These water vapor analyzers offer a wide measurement range of 0.002-1000 g/m²/day and precision temperature, humidity and flow control. Providing accurate and repeatable results for research and development testing of water transmission rate (wvtr) in both current and newly formulated packaging film materials and fast testing for Quality Control.

All Systech Illinois analyzers are certified traceable to NIST. In addition, analytical performance is validated using NIST certified gases and NIST traceable films.

For this product we have a special DualPerm package available. The DualPerm is a combination package offering substantial cost savings compared to the purchase of two separate permeation analysers. This OTR Analyser and WVTR package allows the sharing of one computer/tablet interface and results, saving time and space on the work bench. Utilising a shared nitrogen source it will save on running and cylinder rental costs. Also, installation costs are reduced by setting up the system all at the same time.

The DualPerm includes all of the features and benefits of our 8100 Oxygen Permeation and 7100 Water Vapour Permeation Analysers.

Gas : Water Vapor

Application : Permeation

Measurement range : 0.002 to 70 g/(m2 . d). 0.02 to 1,000 g/(m2 . d). when masked

Test temperature range : 10 to 40°C (50 to 104°F)

Test RH range : 20 to 90% RH

Sample Size : 50cm2, adapters available for smaller sizes