Contrôleurs de vibrations

The Data Physics 900 Series Platform Brings Vibration Control and Signal Analysis Into the 21st Century

The 900 Series vibration controllers incorporate Data Physics’ renowned shaker control algorithms with a modern software interface and new hardware. The 900 Series controller can quickly be set up to control any shaker – while the 900 series platform offers advanced features such as auto-aggregation of data from all test stands, custom Word-based reporting, unlimited expandability, concurrent data recording and signal analysis, intrinsic safety, and more.


The 900 Series Vibration Controller offers solutions for a wide range of shaker control applications:

Vibration Controllers
  • Random Vibration Control
  • Sine Vibration Control
  • Shock Vibration Control
  • SRS Synthesis Control
  • Mixed Mode Control (Sine on Random, Random on Random)
  • Sine Resonance Search and Dwell Control
  • Time History Replication
  • Multi-Shaker (MIMO) Vibration Control

Modern Software Built for Today's PCs

SignalCalc 900 Series is and takes use of today’s high resolution monitors for a graphical, streamlined test setup. Enter the test profile, and control and measurement parameters are automatically chosen. All setup information and test images are saved along with measurement data in the test database – and can be recalled via search keywords.

Vibration Controllers 2

Test Archiving and Data Storage

  • A searchable, sortable test database of all test profiles is managed by the 900 Series software
  • Multiple controllers can share the same database, aggregating all data into one location
  • Anyone on the network can install the 900 Series software and access live/past test data and generate reports – no additional licenses required

Attach Images/Media to Your Test

  • Images of test setups can be archived with test data. Images can be taken within the SignalCalc software
  • Attached images can automatically printed in any reports generated from the data

Create Templates in Word and Automatically Export Data

Reporting 768x704
  • Fully Customizable Plots
    Include readouts including test parameters, customer and test article name, operator, test time, etc
  • Overlay Data
    Data from one or more runs can be overlaid in Review Mode within seconds. The overlaid plots can be placed in a report.
  • Data Export
    Test data can be exported automatically at the end of a test.
  • Create Custom Report Templates in Word
    Create a report template in Microsoft Word and have SignalCalc 900 populate the report parameters, plots, and images automatically after each test (DP900-68)
  • Images and Media
    Attach images of the test article or setup and have them printed in the report
  • Generate Reports Anywhere
    Generate Reports on the PC that conducted the test, or on any networked PC

A Complete, Networked Solution for Test Facilities with Multiple Shakers

Multiple workstations can connect and disconnect to a test in process. Users can remotely connect, configure, run, transfer control, and monitor ant test running on any of their controllers.

Vibration Controllers 3