Modal shakers

Modal Shakers Are Used to Excite a Structure Via the Central Spigot with a Connecting Rod (Stinger), So That Energy Can Be Input Without the Mass or Dynamics of the Shaker Affecting the Response of the Structure

Modal Shaker

Modal Shaker Range

Data Physics GW M-Series modal shakers use linear bearings, in place of the more common suspension systems, to produce virtually zero axial stiffness and virtually zero mechanical damping. When combined with Data Physics’ linear amplifiers, operating in current mode, the resultant system force output will exhibit typically less than 1% electrical damping and the phase shift between drive current and force output will be typically less than 1°.

Shaker / Amplifier Performance Characteristics

Modal Shaker overview


  • Linear bearings
  • Near-zero axial stiffness
  • Near-zero mechanical damping

Typical applications

  • Airframe structural testing
  • Automotive chassis testing
  • Space laboratory structural testing
  • Self-supported structural testing