Rycobel performs calibrations according to ISO17025

You can contact Rycobel for purchase, maintenance and calibration of your devices. We can also calibrate devices from other suppliers. This unique combination of purchase, sale & service places Rycobel in a unique position. We pride ourselves on quality. It is precisely this philosophy that was awarded the ISO 17025 certificate.

It is good to know that our service department not only calibrates our own devices, but also devices that you did not purchase from us. This means that with Rycobel you have one point of contact for all your calibrations. Easy, right?

Our ISO17025 scope

  • Weight & mass: Rycobel calibrates your (digital) laboratory balances with calibrated weights. In addition, we determine the weight of your objects on the basis of our own calibrated balances.
  • Force: Rycobel calibrates load cells or force transducers (for tensile and compression benches).
  • Thickness: We supply and calibrate thickness gauges.
  • UV radiation power: Rycobel calculates and measures the UV radiation power of your UV testers and accelerated weathering devices using calibrated UV sensors or power meters.
  • Temperature: We use BST (Black Standard) or BPT (Black Panel) sensors to register the temperature of aging devices, ovens, ... Liquids and air can also be calibrated according to ISO 17025.
  • Pressure determination: We determine the pressure of your lab equipment using a calibrated pressure gauge (manometer).
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Why choose the Rycobel service department?

  • BELAC accreditations (624-CAL) for own and other devices
  • Highest international quality standard: ISO17025
  • Correct calibration with perfect traceability
  • Legal certificate
  • Safety and accuracy come first
  • Razor-sharp reports & correct advice
Download our ISO 17025 certificat