Reciprocating Abraser 5900

The TABER® Reciprocating Abraser (Abrader) - Model 5900 is a test apparatus similar to the instrument described in test method ISO 1518. Ideal for flat surfaces, this tester can be configured with optional attachments to evaluate the relative resistance or susceptibility of a material surface to physical damage such as wear and abrasion, rub, scratch, mar, gouge, scrape, plus others.

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  • Adjustable stroke length (6 mm to 155 mm)
  • Variable stroke speed (3 – 75 cycles per minute)
  • Test load (1N – 24N with optional weight discs)
  • Variable height adjustment (130 mm maximum)
  • Wearaser® Collet for vitrified or resilient Wearasers
  • Counterweight balanced
  • Programmable up to 999,999 cycles
  • 115V/230V switchable