Taber® Flexible Material Abrasion Kit

The Taber® Flexible Material Abrasion Kit can be used to evaluate the abrasion resistance of most flexible films and packaging materials. Use of this kit requires the Taber Linear Abraser Model 5750 and T-Slot Universal Table(both sold separately).

Engineered thermoplastic films are commonly used in packaging food products, sterilized medical devices and other products. However during distribution and handling, movement between the product and packaging film or secondary packaging may occur. Shock, vibration and/or repetitive rubbing allows the product to abrade the cross-section of the film, thus increasing the potential for the packaging to be compromised. For food products, this may impact freshness whereas for medical devices, the sterility barrier may be destroyed. The Flexible Material Abraser Kit allows you to evaluate which packaging options will best withstand the typical events associated with product handling, distribution and storage of your product.