Adhesion Tester appropriated to measure the adhesion of coatings or paints.

The cross cut test uses a blade to cut through the coating to the substrate. At least two cuts are made that intersect at 90 degrees to get a right angle lattice
pattern. The cross-cut area is observed for any adhesion failure. After applying a normalized adhesive tape the resistance to separation can be observed on the tape by using a loupe.

Eigenschaft: Glanz und Lacke

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  • The new tester benefits from the ergonomic design of the new Cross Cut Tester handle.
    It features improved surface adaptability for curved surfaces and usability.
  • The user will be able to hold the handle with the blade in the correct position, according to the angle specified in the cross cut adhesion test standards ASTM D3359 and ISO 2409.
  • Safe and easy to change blades
  • Available with 1, 2, 3 and 4 step blades for a range of coating thickness from 0 to> 250 microns, and 1 mm x 11 blades for special applications.

    The specific adhesion tapes comply with ISO 2409 standard or Volkswagen, Renault, Ford and General Motors.