Vortex M6 Programmability finds approval in the Sportswear Market

The Vortex M6 was developed to meet the requirements outlined for washing by AATCC. Especially in the sportswear markets, where the custom programming ability of the Vortex M6 truly allows it to outshine the competition with capabilities for method specific settings in all areas of washing.

Several sportswear retailers have updated their apparel testing standards to recommend the SDL Atlas Vortex M6 as an approved instrument for all of their vendors, factories, and testing labs. These updates come after rigorous evaluation of the instrument’s comparative performance to previous washers used by retailers and 3rd party testing facilities and it has been found to be consistent with specific requirements over and over again.

A document, recently released by one major sportswear retailer, states, “SDL Atlas now manufactures a top loading washing machine that can meet AATCC washing standards and will be reliable source of top loader units for testing.”

The Vortex M6 is the only commercial grade washer that is specifically designed to address the most recent revisions of the newest LP1-2018 (Table I, IIC, IID, IIIA and IIIB) and M6 Monograph requirements developed by the AATCC.

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