OTR Oxygen Permeation Analyzer 8200

Simple, cost effective OTR oxygen permeation testing for packages and bottles.

Ideal for OTR oxygen permeation testing of containers, canisters, pouches, bags, closures and more. This two station analyzer is the economical solution. It incorporates the reliability and wide measurement range of our leading permeation instruments but is designed to be cost effective. The removable adapters offer a range of testing methods and can even be tailored to a specific requirement.

It has the ability to evaluate a wide variety of barrier alternatives and their corresponding performance. The proven coulometric sensor provides reliable, consistent and accurate measurements time and time again. Simple windows based software means the permeation analyzer is easy to set up with QuickStart stored testing configuration settings and clear concise results.

  • Industry : Packaging
  • Gas : Oxygen
  • Application : Permeation
  • Measurement range : Packages 0.00004 to 2,000 cc/pack/day
  • Measurement range : Films 0.04 - 100,000 cc/m2/day
  • Test temperature range : Ambient
  • Controlled RH testing : Dry only
  • Calibration : NIST referenced films and certified gases
  • Temperature control : Ambient
  • Dimensions : 533 x 533 x 305 mm
  • Weight : 25.4 kg
  • Simple and quick changeover of samples
  • Versatile permeation analysis
  • Adapters available for testing a wide variety of packages
  • Low cost system
  • Easy to use software
  • Designed specifically for packages
  • Accuracy traceable to current NAMAS/N.I.S.T. standards
  • PET Bottles
  • Containers
  • Canisters
  • Flexible pouches
  • Stand up pouches
  • Bags

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