Hot Die Blister Heat Sealer: TA808/1

The CeraTek TA808/1 Hot Die Blister Heat Sealer features a digital timer and temperature controller with build-ups and rails. This sealer is a pneumatically operated laboratory sealer designed for quality control and experimentation. It provides precision adjustment and control of sealing time, temperature and pressure. This allows for the accurate testing of the sealing characteristics of plastic films, and coated or laminated materials.

Property: Adhesion & Tack, Seal strength

  • Pneumatic - press style laboratory sealer
  • Two hand anti-tie down opt-touch activating switch
  • Adjustable and precisely controlled temperature, time and pressure
  • Platen Size 8” X 8”
  • Accepts blisters up to 5” in depth
  • Power 110 volts, 60 Hz (Optional 220 volts)
  • Short-Cycle Indicator: Disables the sealer anytime that a cycle is terminated by releasing the optical finger switches before the timer has counted down, indicating to the operator that the last seal cycle was incomplete
  • High/Low temperature alarm with lockout/reset

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