Adiabatic low and high pressure systems (LPS & HPS)

Our adiabatic humidification systems LPS and HPS have been developed for efficient use in comfort humidification. They provide for example in office complexes, hotels, shopping centres or clean rooms for the optimum relative humidity of the room air (comfort zone 40-60%) and are therefore an important element in company hygiene concepts and in the development of health-promoting measures.

Also in process humidification, e.g. in production plants, in painting facilities or in the automotive and in the aviation industry, they reliably control the air humidity for optimum and stable production conditions.

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In addition, the evaporation of the fine mist cools the flow air in the duct and thus ensures noticeable cooling of the room air. In the case of exhaust air cooling in summer, this can save up to ⅓ of the needed cooling capacity in order to achieve pleasant room temperatures for employees and customers. Also in production plants the primary cooling load can be significantly reduced by reducing process waste heat.

The modular design of our LPS and HPS humidification systems enables installation or retrofitting in almost any air-conditioning duct. With a total of 5 performance classes, they can be perfectly matched to your humidification requirements. Up to a humidification capacity of 110 l/h, the LPS offers a compact humidification system that can be operated in a low pressure range from 5 to 15 bar (Low Pressure System). The more powerful HPS works in the high pressure range with a pressure of 25 to 75 bar (High Pressure System) and enables a humidification performance of up to 600 l/h.

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Adiabatic and dry

The adiabatic low and high pressure nozzle systems LPS and HPS from HygroMatik humidify the air in air conditioning and ventilation systems with fully demineralised water. The low and high pressure atomisation enables an optimum spray pattern with minimum energy consumption. The LPS and the HPS fulfil the hygiene requirements and are certified by TÜV according to VDI 6022.

High-precision stainless steel nozzles generate optimal aerosols, which are particularly quickly absorbed to

the air in the humidification chamber. With their different spray angles, individual arrangement and optimum
aerosol sizes, they ensure almost dry walls in the humidification chamber.

In addition, the Vortex wall made of specially developed VortexModules mixes the duct air with the aerosols over the shortest humidification distance. Due to the fast and efficient absorption there is almost no water loss – this saves additionally. The high-quality stainless steel aerosol separators from HygroMatik guarantee an aerosol-free supply air.

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