SDL Atlas Introduces New Drying Rate Tester

SDL Atlas is pleased to introduce the DryRate 201, a Drying Rate Tester precisely designed to satisfy AATCC Test Method 201: Drying Rate of Fabrics: Heated Plate Method.

The DryRate 201 determines the drying rate based on the evaporation rate that occurs when the a fabric is placed in contact with a heated metal plate at a constant temperature and then saturated with a defined amount of water. In fully automatic test mode, the operator simply needs to place the sample in the test area and the test will automatically run and generate the results report once completed. The instrument also features as a manual test mode to allow for custom tests based on individual requirements.

M201 Drt

The instrument comes equipped with 7-inch capacitivea touch screen controllers for setting parameters, and monitoring testing status, and reading final results. For more detailed analysis, Testing testing data is can be transmitted to the a computer via a USB port for real-time test curve display. Accurate water volume is dispensed by a built-in precision water dispensing pump.

Testing conditions are monitored by the built-in anemometer (wind speed sensor), and infrared thermocouple probes. Specialized software calculates the end time of each test, the sample’s drying rate R and generates test reports. Integral environmental temperature and humidity monitoring functions monitor ambient temperature and humidity on the touch screen.

All test data can be included in custom test reports which can either be displayed directly on the instrument screen or on a connected computer for further analysis and comparison to other collected data from previous tests.

Discover the new DryRate 201