Measuring Compression/softness of non wovens using the VantageNX and MAP-4 Software

Several factors should be taken into consideration to calculate an objective measurement of material softness.

A compression/softness test can be run with a VantageNX Universal Testing Machine. The machine is paired with MAP4 software to evaluate the sample loft, thickness, compressibility, and structural softness. This test is applicable to sheeted materials including paper, tissue, toweling, nonwovens and textiles. To run the test, a sample is placed in the test area on an adjustable lower anvil. When the test is started, the pressure foot comes down and makes contact with the sample. After contact, force and position data is collected. Unlike a micrometer, the test is set to measure at a specific force, and the test can capture information throughout the test from compression through the bounce back of the material. 

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