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To efficiently remove dust and moisture from a surface, Rycobel selects a system of air knives and high speed centrifugal blowers. Due to a high rotanional speed and unique designed impellor Paxton centrifugal blowers deliver a higher volume of air per kW of energy to dry and blow off faster and more efficiently.

Paxton Air Systems use 80% less energy than compressed air drying & blow off systems; and up to 50% less energy than regen or squirrel cage blowers.

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Craft Beer bottle dying

High demand for an extremely popular product resulted in higher volume production for a North Carolina craft brewery. Growth brought new challenges, however, since increased throughput made a bottle drying system necessary.

The Paxton Power Dry Drying system with adjustable spyder manifold helped remove water at faster bottling speeds. The Paxton system also resolved moisture problems created by humid weather. After comparison shopping, the brewery’s facility manager concluded that Paxton Products was the most cost effective drying solution.

Conveyor Blow Off: Metal Shavings

A Midwestern machining company needs to blow metal chips off of their conveyor after a machining process. They are currently using compressed air knifes to remove the chips from the conveyor, giving a total compressed air usage of 86 CFM.

Along with the energy savings of our air knives the company is able to free up almost 40 hp on their compressor for operations that require compressed air operation.

Soda Can Rinsing

A major beverage manufacturer was looking to replace its water rinsing system prior to the filler with one of Paxton’s Ionizing Can Rinser systems. The system provided needed to be able to rinse up to 900 cans per minute with the two lines merging together before the filler.

The installed Paxton system not only dramatically reduced the company’s water usage, but also maintained the high standards of product quality, as demonstrated by thorough QC testing.

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