Jokro Refining Mill - Jokro Beater

Equipment for refining pulps in standard conditions. Equipment with 6 independent refining devices for 16 grams of paste/pulp. It allows us to analyze more or different pastes under similar refining conditions. Mainly used in Eastern European countries. Refine small amounts of paste.

  • Laboratory mill to refine 6 samples simultaneously.
  • Sample weight 96 g (6 x 16g).
  • Digital readings of speed, revolutions and time.
  • Security system according to CE marking.
  • The refining vessels have an internal diameter of 145 mm and 67 mm height.
  • The containers are internally knurled up to 57 mm height and at an angle of 55 °.
  • The chassis and cover are made of stainless steel, with a Brinell hardness of 105 ± 10 HB.
  • The mill has a Brinell hardness of 85 ± 10 HB, finished in the form of a perfectly centered cylindrical blade, with a diameter of 89.15 mm and 60 mm in height.
  • The weight of the mills is 2000 ± 1 g.
  • The rotation frequency of the central axis is set at 2.5 sg.
  • CE Marking

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