Amazon's Frustration-Free packaging

What's Amazon's Frustration Free packaging?

The main goal of setting up the Frustration-free packaging program is to improve the consumer's experience.

Anyone distributing products via Amazon has to certify their packaging to avoid customer's frustration while struggling with difficult to open packages or receiving damaged goods.

Because of the fact that the package is the only thing protecting the product, the quality of that package has become a priority.


Therefor Amazon has set up the Frustration-free packaging program.

Frustration-Free Packaging is packaging that is made of 100% recyclable materials, easy to open, and designed to ship products in their original packaging, which eliminates the need for an additional shipping box.

The Amazon frustration-free packaging program has been set up with the purpose to reduce the packaging material to a minimum, without compromising the safety of the load as a result.

It was designed with the customer in mind, making it easier to open the products/packaging while also reducing waste.

To certify products as part of our Frustration-Free Program, Amazon works with manufacturers worldwide, helping them innovate and improve their packaging functionality, reducing waste throughout the supply chain.

Vendor Incentive Program

Amazon announced a Vendor Incentive Program, noting that they are requiring that by August 1, 2019 all items larger than 18″ x 14″ x 8″ or greater than 20 lbs. and sold through Amazon be designed and certified as ready-to-ship (Tier 1 – FFP or Tier 2 – SIOC) within their Frustration-Free Packaging program. Vendors achieving Certification prior to that date will receive an early adopter credit for their certified ASIN(s). Beginning August 1, 2019, ASINs that have not been certified per the ISTA 6-Amazon SIOC test will be issued a chargeback.

To avoid the chargeback, have your products tested and get the Frustration-free certificate!

Put your package to the test: ISTA-6

By thoroughly testing products Amazon identifies specific steps that manufacturers can take to improve their packaging and ensure customers’ products are well protected all the way to their final destination. These steps are all mentioned in ISTA 6 - test method.

Amazon 3

Together with ISTA (International Safe Transit Association), Amazon has created ISTA 6 - This test procedure simulates the conditions packages experience during shipping and handling.

The ISTA test method ensures that goods can be shipped to customers in its own packaging, without the need for additional Amazon packaging.

Taking part of the Frustration-Free program will require taking part in the tests described in ISTA 6 -

Certification of packaged items with Amazon requires that the packaging pass a physical performance test.

Rycobel can provide a range of testing solutions meeting all the requirements to perform the tests according to ISTA 6 - and making sure your products fulfill to Amazon's Frustration-free program.

More about ISTA 6 - testing